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  • CNN Was CAUGHT Reporting FAKE NEWS About Illegal Alien Child Separation


    CNN is getting sloppier at hiding its fake news reporting. Despite insisting that facts come first and apples aren’t bananas, the cable news network has consistently pushed an array of demonstrably false reporting in its unholy jihad to take down President Trump. This week, CNN took its fiction programming to a whole new level by blatantly misrepresenting what an illegal alien […] More

  • Ted Cruz Just OBLITERATED “Fake News Network” CNN on Their Media Bias After They Attempted to Mock Him

    On Thursday, CNN thought it was being clever when it referred to Senator Ted Cruz’s amendment to the newest version of the Senate GOP’s health care plan as his “so-called Consumer Freedom Amendment.” Ted Cruz’s so-called Consumer Freedom amendment to be included in new health care plan — CNN (@CNN) July 13, 2017 […] More