Ted Cruz Just OBLITERATED “Fake News Network” CNN on Their Media Bias After They Attempted to Mock Him

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On Thursday, CNN thought it was being clever when it referred to Senator Ted Cruz’s amendment to the newest version of the Senate GOP’s health care plan as his “so-called Consumer Freedom Amendment.”

Cruz had a ready response, which simply obliterated the network:

CNN’s tweet linked to the network’s story about the Senate GOP health plan, which stated:

One of the most significant was the inclusion of an amendment by Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, which would allow insurers offering Obamacare plans to also offer cheaper, bare-bones policies. The amendment was included in an effort to earn more conservative support, but could also drive away some moderates who fear the amendment could drive up premiums for those with pre-existing conditions. It also contains significant new funding for opioid treatment and money for states meant to lower premiums for high-cost enrollees. But it would keep two Obamacare-era taxes on the wealthy and maintains significant cuts to Medicaid, meaning 15 million fewer people could insured by the program by 2026.

Later in the article, CNN indeed mockingly referred to Cruz’s amendment as “so-called”:

Cruz’s so-called Consumer Freedom amendment is considered contentious among Republican senators with some moderates having raised concerns that it could hurt those with pre-existing conditions …

There’s also no guarantee the Cruz amendment — in whatever form — will even get a Senate vote. It could be stripped from bill at any time as GOP leaders negotiate and work their way through Senate rules.

Insurers, who have largely stayed on the sideline in the health care debate, voiced strong opposition to the amendment, saying it would destabilize the individual market. Two major lobbying groups said this week that it would create two sets of rules and make coverage unaffordable to those who are sick.

From CNN, the “so-called” news network.

VIA The Daily Wire

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