BREAKING: Report Shows Hillary Aide Huma Abedin LIED to FBI in 2017 Interview Yet NO CHARGES Filed

Huma Abedin Clinton

Huma Abedin gave false statements to FBI agents in 2016 AND 2017, yet she was never charged.

The FBI previously declassified Huma’s 302 summary from her 2016 interview with Peter Strzok and David Laufman.

Hillary’s ride-or-die aides, Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills both lied to Strzok and Laufman.

Abedin lied to Strzok in her 2016 interview when said she had no knowledge of Hillary Clinton’s private server until after leaving the State Department in early 2013.

“Abedin did not know that Clinton had a private server until about a year and a half ago when it became public knowledge,” according to Strzok’s 302 summary interview with Huma.

Email exchanges between Huma Abedin and other Clinton aides in 2010 and 2011, however, reveal she was fully aware of Hillary’s private server before it became public knowledge.

Email exchanges between Huma and other Clinton aides as previously reported by The Daily Caller:

“hrc email coming back — is server okay?” Mills asked in a Feb. 27, 2010 email to Abedin and Justin Cooper, a longtime aide to Bill Clinton who helped set up the Clinton server.

“Ur funny. We are on the same server,” Cooper replied.

Mills and Abedin were also involved in an Aug. 30, 2011 exchange in which State Department official Stephen Mull mentioned that Clinton’s “email server is down.”

And in a Jan. 9, 2011 email exchange, Cooper told Abedin that Clinton’s server had been malfunctioning because “someone was trying to hack us.”

“Had to shut down the server,” wrote Cooper, who told the FBI in his interviews that he discussed Clinton’s server with Abedin in 2009, when it was being set up.

Huma Abedin reportedly also lied to investigators in her late 2017 interview and a declassification of her 2017 302’s would make that clear, says investigative reporter, Paul Sperry.

Sperry reported: The FBI declassified Huma’s 302 from 2016. Congress must demand similar declassification of her 302 from 2017. I’m told it makes clear she gave false statements to investigators. Yet in a glaring double standard, Huma was never charged or prosecuted for 1001 — unlike Trump aides

According to the Washington Post, the FBI interviewed Huma Abedin in the winter of 2017 after they closed the Hillary email case for the second time.

The FBI interviewed Abedin a month and a half after they closed the Clinton email case.

FBI agents wanted to know how and why Hillary Clinton’s classified emails ended up on her pervert husband Anthony Weiner’s laptop.

Huma Abedin previously insisted to FBI agents she didn’t know how Hillary’s emails ended up on her husband’s laptop. Some emails were forwarded to Weiner and others were saved on his laptop because of an automated backup process.

Trump’s former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn was charged, and is awaiting sentencing after making a false statement (supposedly) to the FBI, yet Huma Abedin roams free.

In fact, Senate investigators now believe Andrew McCabe altered Flynn’s 302’s after Strzok’s ambush-style interview.

Where is the justice??

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