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Michael Moore Says He’ll Join the Protest Around The Capitol – What a SHOCKER!

On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” Michael Moore stated that to stop President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee from being voted on before the 2018 election, he will “join a million other people surrounding the United States Capitol.”

From Breitbart:

Moore said, “The idea is…we first have to find ways to stop that vote from happening.”
Host Bill Maher then asked what Moore meant. Moore answered, “I’ll join a million other people surrounding the United States Capitol. I will stand there. … Bill, let me tell you something, this judge goes through, for the rest of at least — well, all of our lives, it’s a right-wing court. That’s it. It’s over.”

Later, Moore stated, “We’re going to get the to point, my friends, where we’re going to have to circle Washington.”

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