Kellyanne Doesn’t Miss An Opportunity To Drop This BIG OBAMA SLIP When Liberal Report Whines About Trump Meeting Putin

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President Trump will be meeting Vladimir Putin next month in what will be a high-stakes gathering of world powers.

On Fox News Friday, counsel to the president Kellyanne Conway was asked, “What is President Trump hoping to accomplish and get done in that summit?”

Conway made clear that Trump will be working to “improve relations” with Russia:

“This president has said from the beginning he is willing to talk to leaders when it is in the best interest of America. If Russia and the United States of America can work on national security issues together the president will do that. At the same time this president has had no reluctance whatsoever to push back when he has felt it is appropriate.”

Conway then compared Trump’s tactics with the tactics of his predecessor.

“You had President Obama whispering in a hot mic that he would have more flexibility after the next election,” Conway said.”You have this president as transparent as can be ongoing over there. That’s a much better way to be president.”

President Obama infamously told then president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev that he will have more “flexibility” after his election.

“Everything is on the table,” Conway said in conclusion. “When Mr. Putin and President Trump met the last time, that particular one-on-one meeting lasted much longer than people anticipated. It covered an array of topics and you can expect that to happen again.”

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