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California Man Arrested After He Threatens to Kill FCC Chairman’s Kids – WTF?!

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Markara Man of Norwalk, California was arrested Friday after admitting to investigators he threatened to kill the family of Federal Communication Commission Chairman (FCC) Ajit Pai.

From Breitbart:

Pai reportedly received three emails from Markara Man, who was furious over the agency’s repeal of Obama-era net neutrality rules.

“One of the emails, sent Dec. 20, to Pai’s government and personal accounts had the subject line “Cheers.” The body of the email listed the names and addresses of three preschools in and around Arlington, Va., where Pai lives, followed by, “I will find your children and I will kill them,” according to the affidavit against Man,” Politico reports.

“They pretty much ignored, like, 80 percent of comments … they ignored ‘us,’ and just didn’t care,” Man — frustrated with the repeal process — explained to investigators. Man subsequently penned a letter to the Chairman seeking forgiveness for sending the unhinged emails.

“I’m sorry I made a threat against your kids. That was crossing the line. I hope you’ll change your mind … but I doubt it,” he wrote.

Man, who was charged in a Virginia Federal Court, faces up to a decade in jail for threatening to kill a U.S. government official and attempting to “interfere with the official’s duties.”


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