“Abuses Not Just Criminal” – Heads Will Roll After Officials Face Calls For Treason Charges

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The release of the Nunes memo on Friday, after it was declassified by the White House, has already given rise to its fair share of hyperbole and demonization on both sides of the aisle.

Rep. Paul Gosar of Arizona is certain that the 4-page memo, part of a reportedly fifty page document, shows “clear and convincing evidence of treason.”

(Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)

“The full-throated adoption of this illegal misconduct and abuse of FISA by James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Sally Yates and Rod Rosenstein is not just criminal but constitutes treason,” Gosar wrotein a statement.

As reported earlier, the four above-named top DOJ and FBI officials constitute those who signed off on a FISA court warrant application to conduct surveillance on Trump adviser Carter Page.

The Nunes memo states that the FISA court warrant would not have been authorized without the discredited Steele dossier, a “raw intelligence” document crafted at the behest of former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele, as was concluded by former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe.

The FISA warrant application did not reportedly disclose the source of the Steele dossier or its funding by the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign. Contrary to numerous reports, it does not appear that the Republican Party or anyone in it paid for the dossier itself.

Critics of the memo point out that Page was under counter-intelligence monitoring extending back as far as 2013, due to Russian spies allegedly attempting to recruit him for espionage. Many Democrats also claim that omitted information is necessary for context.

The president made a public statement about the content of the Nunes memo.

“When you look at that and you see that and so many other things, what’s going on, a lot of people should be ashamed of themselves and much worse than that,” the president said.

Rep. Gosar has also recently made the news by calling for DREAMers, the children of illegal immigrants protected by DACA, who were brought as guests of the Democrats at the State of the Union to be arrested by Capitol Police.

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