FISA Memo Sends Media Sprawling – MSNBC’s Defense For FBI? “All Sources Within Intel Community Are Biased”

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MSNBC had an interesting way of defending the Federal Bureau of Investigation on Friday, after the release of a FISA memo sent the media and D.C. politicians sprawling.

“Ned, it’s believed the FBI also used Peter Schweizer’s book ‘Clinton Cash’ in part to investigate the Clintons,” host Katy Tur said. “We don’t technically have that confirmed but that that is what’s out there. Wouldn’t that also be a biased source?”

“Well that’s exactly right,” said former CIA agent and MSNBC contributor Ned Price. “But Matt’s point is the big one here. You know, look, from my experience at the CIA, from working closely with the FBI over the years, I can say categorically that there is not a single source within our intelligence or law enforcement community that is not in some ways biased.”

Let’s absorb that for a moment: “Not a single source within our intelligence or law enforcement community that is not in some ways biased.”

Price continues, “It’s not that you try to wave a magic wand and to remove an individual’s biases, you account for them. You vet a source. You compare his or her information to what you already know. And — and this Nunes memo does something very important, it calls Christopher Steele a longtime, longstanding source of the FBI. The FBI does not have longstanding sources who routinely lie to them, who routinely peddle false information. So I think —”

“Good point,” Katy Tur said in complete agreement.

“That answers the questions about — about the biases,” Price said. “But, Katy, there’s a — there’s a bigger issue here. And I don’t know if — if Groundhog Day is appropriate to exchange gifts but Democrats should be showering gifts on Devin Nunes for this memo because it disproves one of the key talking points; namely that the Steele dossier was the predicate to launch the investigation into Donald Trump in the first place.”

“We know per the testimony of the former FBI director that that investigation was launched in July. It was not until October that the — according to the Nunes memo, that the FBI for the first time sought FISA coverage on Carter Page,” he said.

“So, clearly, I think we can account for the fact that the Steele dossier may have some — Steele himself may have biases, but I think, clearly, the FBI has also taken that into account. And we can also be sure that any FISA application for Carter Page did not solely rely on one piece of information and most certainly did not rely solely upon the Steele dossier.”

“Yeah. I mean, that’s — that’s a very good point,” Tur said.

Another good point is that the shoddy, discredited Steele dossier was a partisan hit job designed to keep Trump from becoming president, or alternatively, use it for removing him from office, and it was paid for by the DNC and the Hillary campaign.

This wasn’t brought up to the FISA court when an application for conducting surveillance on the Trump campaign was submitted a month before the presidential election.

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