Liberals Launch Fake News Campaign About GOP Tax Plan – Here’s The Facts

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Due to an influx of fake news and anti Trump propaganda, as per a CBS News poll, a large number of Americans have been misinformed and are now believing that President Trump’s tax cuts are not really tax cuts, but yet another boon for the richest one percent, or something along these lines. If you come to think about it, this is basically Bernie Sanders’ “millionaires and billionaires” mantra, hence there’s nothing new under the Sun. Also, considering that the rich and the corporations pay most of the taxes in the United States, while almost half of America doesn’t pay any income tax, it’s pretty straight forward that if you’re not paying  taxes, you’ll not benefit from tax cuts, but that’s economics 101, i.e. something you’ll never learn in the Marxist infested schools of today.

Moving on to our news story, the facts are quite different, as usual, from what the mainstream media claims. According to The Joint Committee on Taxation’s estimations, 61% of US taxpayers will see a tax cut of one hundred dollars or more in 2019, provided the legislation passes in its current form; moreover, 44,3% of taxpayers will receive a tax cut of five hundred bucks or more. However, just 22% of Americans polled on the issue seem to believe their taxes will drop following Trump’s fiscal reform. The Joint Committee on Taxation estimates that approximately 8,1% of taxpayers will see their taxes increasing as per the Senate’s legislation, due largely to closing loopholes and the elimination of deductions.

The median income in the United States is approximately $60,000, and the Joint Committee on Taxation estimates that 80% of Americans earning between $50k and $75k will benefit from a tax cut, with 65% of them getting a  tax cut of $500 or more. For the next bracket, i.e. taxpayers earning between $75k and $100k, 83% will receive a tax cut and the same goes for taxpayers with incomes between $100k and $200k a year. Considering the fact that the American people have a very distorted vision with regard to President Trump’s fiscal reform plans, it’s no wonder how little public support GOP’s tax reform plan gets. Actually, instead of educating the American public, the mainstream media keeps pushing the story that GOP’s tax reform is hugely unpopular. And that’s a clear sign that we’re confronted with a successful disinformation campaign from the left, and also that the Republican brand is in tethers, i.e. no one trusts them anymore, even when they’re telling the truth and have good intentions.

This is proof positive people are generally more willing to listen to a soundbite and regurgitate information without the willingness to investigate and think for themselves.  Now, if you ask me, why didn’t the Republicans just build a website and let the taxpayers calculate their own results? Stop the lies and let every family see the facts for themselves.

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