Trump Just Accomplished Two HUGE Feats In The Senate Today, and People Are Blown Away

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Trump just managed to accomplish in one day something that Republicans have been trying to get together and accomplish for ages.

From Liberty Writers:

Earlier today, the President had a closed-doors meeting with the GOP Senators. The meeting was pretty much entirely about fixing Obamacare and Tax reform. Well, guess what…Trump did BOTH.

That’s right. Right after the meeting ended, the Senate Budget Committee met up and PASSED the new tax reforms. Trump managed to swing both Ron Johnson and Bob Corker from no to yes during the lunch. Of course, the bill still needs to be voted on by all 100 Senators, but this is still huge.

As far as ObamaCare goes, the President backed the Collins-Nelson bill, which will all the govt to reinsure insurance companies for high-risk individuals. He also put his (unenthusiastic) support behind the Alexander-Murray bill to continue the main ObamaCare payments to insurance.

Go Trump!

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