Five Ways To Win Any Argument With A ‘Social Justice’ Snowflake

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If you are a freedom loving American, you are probably well aware of the rabid social justice movement. United States college professors have successfully indoctrinated the past few generations with Marxist/Communist ideas, and now it has finally culminated into a movement that threatens to destroy the enlightenment values of the west. People who value individual liberty over group identity are often hesitant to become tribal. However, if we don’t come together and speak up soon, our land of the free may be permanently corrupted. Call the movement conservative, classically liberal, centrist or libertarian. It really doesn’t matter. What matters is preventing social justice warriors from seizing more power.

What better way to defeat the social justice warriors with the tactics that inspired some of their heroes. Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals book helped Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama rise to the top of the political world. Despite the book being used by leftist politicians, it’s actually nonpartisan and very informative. Plus, I like the idea of using the left’s weapons against them, which is a theme I will touch on again later in the article. The book includes 13 rules, but I will highlight 5 of the most useful ones.

Go Outside The Expertise Of The Enemy

The social justice warriors don’t know history, economics or much of anything outside their narrow ideology. However, they do know feelings. So, they will have the advantage in swaying other emotional people to their side. Instead of making emotional arguments when dealing with SJWs, stay calm and stick to logic. Their inane ideas of communist utopia can be easily disproven with a hundred years of historical data that show how horrific Marxist ideology was in practice. The enemy’s expertise is usually limited to the distorted views they are taught in college. We will gain the upper hand by simply being more well-read.

Make The Enemy Live Up To Its Own Rules

We’ve seen this rule play out a lot in recent weeks, and we should keep hammering on it. For at least a couple years now, the SJW/Antifa people have led the crusade against free and open dialogue on social media. They have also begun to crack down on comedy when it ventures into areas they deem offensive (I.e. almost everything). Now it has come back to bite them. Sam Seder, a leftist political commentator for MSNBC, was recently fired for a rape joke he made via tweet in 2009. The joke wasn’t funny, but firing someone over an off-color joke is against my principals. However, these are the rules the SJWs chose, and now they must be forced to live by them.

Something else that came back to bite them was their strict feminist ideology. They see rape and sexual assault everywhere, even in “offensive” language. Their #metoo campaign opened up the floodgates of allegations that are now devouring their own. Al Franken, Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer and George Takei were all once part of the lefty PC crowd. Now they have been exposed for the creeps they are.

The #metoo campaign turned out to be alright, but the goal is to eventually get rid of the SJW rules. However, while the rules are here, the enemy must share in the misery.

Ridicule The Enemy Relentlessly

This might be the easiest rule to follow when the enemies are social justice warriors. Everything from their beliefs to their appearance is silly. Let the world know how silly they are and don’t let up. This will infuriate the enemy into making costly mistakes, including lashing out violently.

Use Tactics Your Allies Enjoy

This rule transitions perfectly from the last rule. To defeat our enemy, we must use tactics that we enjoy using. This will help us keep constant pressure on the SJWs without us tiring of the onslaught. Comedy is by far our most effective and enjoyable tactic. It is also something the enemy does not do nearly as well. Their seriousness has killed their comedic spirit, therefore killing their ability to connect with people. Think about the success our side had with the Trump vs. CNN memes. The SJWs were furious while the rest of the world was laughing. Let’s keep the comedy onslaught coming.

Here’s a video of an Antifa member admitting their lack of humor is hurting them:

The SJW/Antifa people have many negatives that we could use against them. One negative that is particularly egregious is their strong propensity towards violence. Over the past two years, we have seen dozens of unprovoked attacks against their political enemies. People who are foolish enough to believe they are fighting for utopia will throw morality and decency away in order to win. This includes using violence against nonviolent people. Even though the mainstream media has been terrible at covering these violent acts, the world is starting to catch on. This paints their side as sinister. The general public is now more likely to empathize with us instead of the violent thugs on the other side. I’m not saying not to defend yourself, but let the enemy be the instigators of violence.


These are just a handful of ways to help you defeat the social justice warrior enemy. There are many more rules to follow, inside and outside Rules for Radicals. Let me know in the comments if you can think of any more way to defeat the enemy. No matter how absurd they appear, this Marxist inspired movement must be taken seriously and promptly defeated. It’s better to do it now than later. If we can prevent it from boiling over into violence, we should. Never stop fighting for the principals of liberty.

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