MSNBC: Trump Being President Is “White Privilege At Its Best”, “Grossly Unqualified”

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Friday on MSNBC, “News One Now” host Roland Martin said President Donald Trump was “grossly unqualified” to be president and described him as “white privilege at its best.”

When asked about President Donald Trump’s tweets on NFL players kneeling during the national anthem, Martin said Trump was “making race-based appeals.”

Martin continued, “They’re kneeling about police brutality, and they’re kneeling about criminal justice reform. He won’t address that because he’s weak. He wants to be Mr. law and order and not deal with the real-life issues that these players are talking about. So, what he is doing, he’s pushing his little buttons for his largely white supporters in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin and in, of course, Michigan and Ohio, saying look at these ungrateful black players out there making all of that money. They care about the issues of police brutality. He doesn’t. And it’s abundantly clear.”

On Trump’s legislative agenda, Martin said, “In order to pass legislation, you have to actually know how to read and how to talk to people. All of this, ‘Oh, I can make great deals.’  No, you can’t. You don’t know what you’re doing. This is a grossly unqualified individual for president. And I don’t want to hear any conservative say anything about affirmative action or quotas or anything along those lines when if you want to see white privilege at its best, it’s Donald Trump. He can’t pass anything. He can’t achieve anything.  You have a tax reform bill that is grossly going to help the top 1 percent. Look at the graduate students that will be impacted. Look at the folks in the middle class and lower class who are going to be impacted.”

Via Breitbart

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