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  • White Panelist Scalded For Quoting MLK, But She Got The Last Word And Final Punch

    YES! YUGE!

    TV One host Roland Martin was quickly put in his place by fellow panelist Jennifer Grossman on Easter Sunday during a discussion about diversity among White House interns under President Donald Trump. MSNBC’s “Live with Alex Witt” did a segment on the police shooting last week of an unarmed black man in California when the host decided to pivot […] More

  • MSNBC: Trump Being President Is “White Privilege At Its Best”, “Grossly Unqualified”

    Friday on MSNBC, “News One Now” host Roland Martin said President Donald Trump was “grossly unqualified” to be president and described him as “white privilege at its best.” When asked about President Donald Trump’s tweets on NFL players kneeling during the national anthem, Martin said Trump was “making race-based appeals.” Martin continued, “They’re kneeling about police brutality, and […] More