Only 33% Of Americans Want Trump Re-Elected Says Recent Rigged Poll…What Do YOU Think Percentage REALLY IS?

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Apparently CNN thinks that polling Trump haters is a fair representation of America, since that is the only way you could get these results

According to BS poll only 33% of Americans think Trump deserves re-election:

More from CNN:

Only 40% think President Trump is doing a good job keeping candidate Trump’s promises, down from 48% in April, and an equal 40% now say he can bring the kind of change the country needs, down from 49% shortly after his election.

The shift since November 2016 on whether Trump can bring change has come mostly among independents and Republicans. Among Republicans, the percentage saying Trump can bring needed change is down 10 points since November 2016, while it’s off nine points among independents. Among Democrats, there’s been just a three-point shift, not a statistically significant movement.

Republicans haven’t shifted on whether Trump is keeping his promises — 86% said he was doing a good job on that in April, 86% say so today — but on other matters, their impressions of Trump have worsened significantly.


Almost two-thirds (64%) overall say Trump’s statements and actions since taking office have made them less confident in his ability to serve as president. Last year, considering his statements and actions since Election Day, just 43% said they had lost confidence in President-elect Trump compared to candidate Trump. That shift comes across party lines. Republicans are 17 points more likely to say they’re losing confidence in Trump now, while independents are 24 points more likely and Democrats are 14 points more likely to say the same.

Keep making up your own reality, CNN. It’s actually quite amusing at this point. What percentage of Americans do you think want to see Trump in office for a second term?

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