You Can Do Whatever You Want Today As Long As You’re Protesting The TRENDY Issues

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Want to destroy public property? Well, here’s a free pass! Apparently you can get away with whatever you want nowadays as long as you are protests are trendy and “politically correct.” The hoodlums who ripped down the historic statue in Durham, NC are not being charged for disorderly conduct or vandalism. No, apparently they are being celebrated as heroes, as all charges have been dropped.

From ABC 11:

The charges brought against three people accused of tearing down a Confederate statue outside the old courthouse in downtown Durham have been dropped.

Officials said the two felony and three misdemeanor charges against Zan Caldwell, Taylor Cook, and Myles Spignor have been dismissed by the prosecutor.

“While this is a small step forward in this particular iteration of the fight against white supremacy, we must remember that we cannot trust the system to change that which it upholds,” supporters said in a news release.

“This was merely representative of a lack of evidence, not an acquiescence of power and certainly not an admission of guilt. We must continue to fight until the remaining 12 walk free until no Confederate statues remain until all institutions of white supremacy have been abolished. We say ‘Topple Racism – from Durham to the White House!’”

Whether or not they were actually planning on taking the historic statue down is irrelevant. Firstly, it would have been put in a museum, not crushed, and secondly it sends a powerful message. You can do WHATEVER you want and get away with it, as long as you say you were doing it to fight injustice. It’s likely what they really wanted to do was destroy something. Below is the aftermath of this piece of history.

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