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Ted Cruz Arrived In Texas And Sent The Liberal Media Running Home After Saying This BRUTAL Truth

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Ted Cruz is back home in Texas to look after the victims of the tragic church shooting and he is not happy with what the New York City media elite has been doing in his home state.

They descended on the grieving town like a plaque of locusts not seeking truth or offering empathy.

Instead, they wanted to find any nugget they could to sensationalize and politicize.

It was a disgraceful display and continued until Ted Cruz arrived in Texas. He wasted no time in finding the nearest television camera and setting the record straight.

According to Newsmax Ted opened said,

“It is an unfortunate thing that the first place the media goes after any murder is politicizing it. We don’t need politics right now.”

Ted then went on to recount the heroic tales of two ordinary Texans who literally stopped a mass murderer dead in his tracks.

Ted told of the citizen who hid behind a car as he took incoming fire after confronting the madman. How he stayed cool and returned fire with aim and precision.

How he was able to hit the killer between the body armor which ultimately stopped the church massacre and prevented many other deaths.

And then Ted sent the liberal media scurrying back to New York City with their tails between their legs with a brutal truth.

In short Ted’s message was this: Politicizing every tragic event is as morally corrupt as the murder itself. The American people are not sheep. Self-regulated, moral, selfless Americans saved their friends and neighbors by fighting evil firsthand. Had we stripped away the right to arms, this scene would be far worse. Stop attacking America and attack your own greed and corruption that is poisoning the minds of these bankrupt individuals!

You can watch the full conversation below:

h/t LibertyWriters

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