Texas Church Shooter Died From Three Gunshot Wounds – Liberal Media REFUSES To Report One Other Very Important Fact

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According to a press conference Monday, law enforcement said that the Texas shooter was discovered with three gunshot wounds, none of which were inflicted by police.

Here’s the video of the announcement by law enforcement officials:

What Was Said?

“The bodies have been removed and transported to the medical examiner’s office for autopsy,” said Freeman Martin, a spokesman for the Texas Department of Public Safety. “A substantial amount of evidence has been collected, including physical evidence, including hundreds of shell casings, more than fifteen magazines, thirty round capacity magazines have been recovered.”

“The suspect’s vehicle has been processed with the suspect’s body inside,” he added. “Multiple interviews have been conducted in numerous cities and other states.”

“Victims have been identified and next of kin have been notified. What needs to be done from this point,” he continued, “we need to finalize the list, identify the deceased victims, and complete notifications of next of kin.”

“What I can tell you is that today the autopsy was performed on the shooter and if you notice I use ‘shooter’ instead of the suspect’s name, we do not want to glorify him and what he’s done,” he added. “But the autopsy was conducted this morning.”

“And what I can tell you is he sustained three gunshot wounds – two gunshot wounds were from the armed citizens, one of those was in the leg and the other one was in the torso,” he explained. “And he had a third gunshot wound, which the medical examiner described as being consistent with being self-inflicted.”

What Does This All Mean?

This means the shooter was shot twice by a bystander, Stephen Willeford, who is being hailed as a hero for chasing the assailant down. Later the attacker took his own life before police could arrive.

Texas officials say the death toll stands at 26, and more details are unfolding about what could have motivated the massacre, including texts indicating that there was a domestic dispute with the man’s mother-in-law, who worshipped at the church.

A report Monday also indicated that the Air Force failed to add the shooter’s name to a federal gun ban list, allowing him to buy guns when he should have been restricted.

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