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  • POLL: Would More Gun Control Make America Safe Or Vulnerable?


    In light of recent, awful, heart-wrenching violence the gun control narrative has come back for debate. What’s more, a recent IED, the weapon of choice for many terrorist groups such as ISIS, was discovered at the Laredo, Texas border bridge connecting Mexico and the United States. There are several violent groups and countries that wish harm […] More

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  • Ted Cruz Arrived In Texas And Sent The Liberal Media Running Home After Saying This BRUTAL Truth


    Ted Cruz is back home in Texas to look after the victims of the tragic church shooting and he is not happy with what the New York City media elite has been doing in his home state. They descended on the grieving town like a plaque of locusts not seeking truth or offering empathy. Instead, […] More

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  • POLL: Do Good Guys With Guns Keep America Safe?

    Too many innocent lives have been lost to gun violence, this is true. And If the liberal media and politicians had their way, every gun would be taken and melted down into peace sign paperweights. Despite all the rants and ravings though, to the clear-minded American guns are NOT the problem, but rather to tool […] More

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