Liberal Congressman Takes To Twitter To Bash Trump, But It Goes Terribly Wrong When Something DISGUSTING Is Revealed About HIM

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That Ted Lieu is a busy guy! Just imagine spending every minute of everyday blaming the President for something! That has to be exhausting!

Yes Ted like most Liberal Progressive Deep State Resistance Members (who also happen to be members of Congress) takes issue with every word that Donald Trump tweets, but when it comes to tweeting vitriol, well Lieu takes a backseat to no one!

Take for example his recent tweets to Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders

“Dumb as a rock”? Did Ted Lieu actually use this language in addressing a female? Why Yes Boys and Girls, yes he did.

It didn’t take Twitter long to call the Californian Congressman out on it either

Oh!! So it’s Trump’s fault! You didn’t have to be the Amazing Kreskin (he (Kreskin) is still around BTW) to figure that out.

So apparently Ted is excusing his boorish behavior with the Liberal go-to excuse “But Trump!!!”

Gosh it’s almost as if Ted learned how to treat women from that bundling friend of the Democratic party Harvey Weinstein, and before Liberals write in to remind me that Weinstein’s actions were a long time ago – so was Trump’s Access Hollywood tape of bad words (words not actions) and yet liberals reference that every day on Twitter, Ted’s words however were a couple of days ago.

The flimsiness of Ted’s excuse didn’t escape the notice of another Twitter user

Misogynistic? Ted? How can a Liberal Progressive Deep State Member be Misogynistic? Isn’t that just a designation given to any Republican who dares to speak to a liberal woman? Ted can’t be Misogynistic, he just does this to show us what a chump the President is!

Apparently Lieu lives in a world were extending the same rude treatment to one gender totally excuses the same rude behavior toward another. In other words if someone were to mask up (as if they were a member of the Resistance and Deep State that Ted Lieu admires so much) and punch women in the face, well as long as they punched an equal number of men in the face then their actions would be totally justified.

It also bears remembering that Lieu also belongs to that awesome group of would be Constitutional Scholars (so well described in a scintillating en-volve story!) and by “would be” it is implied that they “would be Constitutional Scholars if only they would read the darn thing”

Lieu famously (infamously? moronically? preposterously?) tweeted the following

Apparently those “Framers” were an even tougher lot than everyone thought – since the 25th Amendment was penned in the 1960’s but when your the bright light of the Resistance its all about narrative!

“Dumb as a rock” might sadly be used to describe those who buy Congressman Lieu’s silly excuses


















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