ANTIFA Were Just BUSTED Wearing MAGA Hats So Media Would Blame Riots On Trump Supporters

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Liberals don’t like the Constitution. That FACT has been made abundantly clear in recent days. But as of late their decision (which has been communicated through the so called “Resistance”, or “ANTIFA”, or “Son’s of the Soviet Union” or “Satan’s Pimple Pickers” or whatever the hell they are calling themselves lately) to ignore the Constitution that is so irksome to them and revolt until they get their way has gotten UGLY.

The Democratic Party already holds the highly coveted Guinness Book World Record for “Holding the longest and loudest tantrum following an election loss” of all time, but apparently that’s not good enough for them. No, they are stuck on the idea of tearing apart America and rebuilding it in a way they like, which basically means turning America into a larger (but less successful) version of Venezuela or some other third world Socialist hell hole.

Unfortunately a revolt (such as the one left wingers are clamoring for) doesn’t require a great leader (if they had that, they would also have the presidency and all of this would be moot), it doesn’t even take a talented speaker, nor does it require so much as a reasonably intelligent person to lead this mob. All that is necessary is for someone with a tiny speck of “celebrity” and a total lack of concern about what might happen when tossing a match on their bases gargantuan pools of gasoline.

Speaking of people with a tiny spark of celebrity, Alyssa Milano was at one time an actress appearing in such intriguing political drama’s as the riveting “Who’s The Boss?”. She apparently believes that her acting experience has equipped her with a unique perspective from which she can relate (despite her reported 10 Million dollar net worth) to hordes of minimum wage workers upset about their candidate’s failure to win the 2016 election. Further more – she feels more than a little entitled to direct the actions of these individuals – consequences be damned.

Sure Trump was a reality television star before becoming POTUS, but the man was so much more than that. Attempting to define the man by his role on “The Apprentice” is dismissive of his many accomplishments.  He has extensive experience in the business world and has been very successful in many ventures. He didn’t just appear on television saying “Your Fired!!” and become a billionaire based upon that. Trump looked at the condition of our country and figured he could do better. The idea of tearing it down and starting over never crossed his mind.

Alyssa has no such qualms, and more than Michael Moore did, or Loretta Lynch did when they attempted to sway the masses into open revolt. Naively believing that the Mueller investigation (which has gone on for half of forever with very little to show for it) was ready to march into the White House and slap cuffs on Trump and then perp walk him to a waiting squad car. Alyssa doesn’t just want that to happen, she needs for it to happen.  This being the case she takes to twitter to mobilize her *ahem* “base”

Never mind that there are some silly little provisions in the Constitution (that damn document again!!) that determine the powers of the President (heck, even if you don’t particularly like him or her). Her candidate lost and Milano is beyond caring about silly things like laws or inciting a riot, she is going to have her say.

Naturally whenever you find one misguided Liberal ready to overthrow a duly elected President another can’t be far behind. Enter Elliott Lusztig, well that’s the name the guy uses on twitter, but apparently its not his really name, his real name would be Chad Elliott Noyes

Perusing Elliott’s (let’s just go with that name for now) time line might cause you to believe he is a big important liberal politician in charge of some big important liberal program, but don’t be fooled. The guy is a professor at the University of California (a liberal professor?!?!?! What are the odds?!?!?!) and although he tweets as if he is next in line for the DNC chair, we can all relax, he’s not. He’s just another sad and angry liberal who can’t accept the results of the election.

Regardless of what his name is, the guy was quick to lend his support to Milano’s call for taking it to the streets

Now be assured dear reader, the odds of Elliott (or Chad) or Alyssa being out on the streets leading an overthrow of our government are actually pretty damn slim. Like the old E Trade commercial (with the baby stock broker) used to say about lottery tickets, the odds of winning are worse than “being mauled by a polar bear and a regular bear on the same day”

But Alyssa and company aren’t protestors, or rioters or over throwers, Alyssa and company are posers, period. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of moron’s with black clothes, BMX bikes and bandanas ready to burn down America, as this tweet was sent by Twitter handle LenardHScott101 demonstrates. Here are the plans ANTIFA has for their (soon to be annual??) riot and civil disturbance that is planned for the 4th of November.

Pay particular attention to the phrase

“…Disguise yourselves as Patriots”

Never in the history of twitter has a more telling statement been tweeted. Why do you ask does someone need to disguise themselves as a Patriot? Quite simply, it’s because they are NOT Patriots.  Geese wouldn’t feel the need to disguise themselves as birds would they?

Other suggestions for the Halloween celebration er – riot are “Disguise yourselves as Trump Supporters, wear MAGA Hats, USA Flags (Note to rioters: Burning said flags ruins the whole Trump Supporter, Patriot disguise) or EVEN BETTER a convincing Police Uniform!!

The reasons for doing so are telling also “This way police and Patriots responding to us won’t know who their enemies are, and onlookers and the media will think there are Trump Supporters rioting”

“Rioting”? Wasn’t this supposed to be a peaceful protest? Surely Alyssa and Elliot/Chad aren’t advocating riots and blood in the streets are they?

Despite some attempt at humor in this article, none of this is funny, it is disgusting and irresponsible and just wrong. Anyone who says that this is anything but an opportunity for anarchists to act out and a gigantic temper tantrum resulting from a failed political party running a failed candidate are simply lying to themselves.

Please give thoughts and prayers for the first responders who will have to deal with these knuckleheads. Take extra care to make sure both you and your love ones are safe this week and coming weekend. Keep the faith everyone, we will get through this together, as always..


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