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Donald Trump Just Set a New Record For Republicans And The Media is SILENT!

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So it turns out that the media was straight up WRONG when they try and claim Trump doesn’t have much support. Now, we have proof.

According to the NY Post, the GOP has managed to raise $40.3 million worth of contributions of $200 or less since Jan. 1. Republicans have not managed to fundraise this much since 2003 following the horrible September 11 attacks.

The Democrats, on the other hand, have only managed to put together a measly $25 million in donations since everybody hates them.

This major feat was also 100% thanks to the hard work of President Donald Trump. In fact, it’s almost entirely the Trump supporters doing the donating thanks to most Republicans being furious at our do-nothings in the Senate.

The president himself is clearly also quite proud of this accomplishment. Just last night he tweeted out,

Clearly, the Trump phenomenon is alive and well if he is able to pull in such unheard of donations based on nothing more than an excited base. If you are proud of what this President has accomplished, let him know it and get this out to every Republican you know.

(via: Liberty Writers)

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