WATCH: Firearms Specialist DESTROYS Gun Control Narrative – Proves Every Liberal Wrong

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Just as quickly as news broke last week of the worst mass shooting in U.S. history, Democrats, progressives and those opposed to the Second Amendment were talking gun control.

The debate rages after any publicized gun crime, and almost always circles back to two talking points. Gun control advocates say people shouldn’t be able to have “military-grade” weapons, while Second Amendment supporters say a gun didn’t kill the victims — a person did.

One Illinois firearms instructor sought to prove this last week in a video that’s now gone viral. That instructor, Mike Brown, also a former criminal justice professor in Chicago, in just four minutes completely dismantles the theory that guns should be banned or heavily restricted because someone uses them to commit mass murder.

Brown placed two handguns — one semi-automatic and one revolver — and a Sig MPX, which is technically a pistol, but he had the stock pulled back for shoulder use, in front of him on a table, loaded each gun, chambered a bullet and then he waited.

“Here you have all three loaded firearms…here we go,” he says in the video. For the next 10 seconds, Brown stares at the firearms and looks back at the camera several times, then he shakes his head because the guns didn’t fire.

“Maybe if we try the drill instructor approach, maybe we might get a different outcome,” he says next, before yelling at the firearms like a Marine Corps drill instructor screams at new recruits. However, the guns still didn’t fire.

Finally, Brown tried the “humoristic approach,” where he whispered to the firearms and instructed them to discharge. Still, the firearms didn’t discharge any rounds.

He ended the video with a short monologue:

Maybe, guns in and of themselves don’t kill people. Even if you fully load them up, they just don’t start just killing people. Maybe it’s the dumba** people that we need to worry about who have the firearms in their possession. And by the way, all of these are semi-automatic. Even if they were automatic, they would still produce the same result. They require some sort of physical manipulation in order for them to be effectively operated.

Stop attacking tools, start focusing on people.

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