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  • WATCH: Firearms Specialist DESTROYS Gun Control Narrative – Proves Every Liberal Wrong


    Just as quickly as news broke last week of the worst mass shooting in U.S. history, Democrats, progressives and those opposed to the Second Amendment were talking gun control. The debate rages after any publicized gun crime, and almost always circles back to two talking points. Gun control advocates say people shouldn’t be able to […] More

  • POLL: Will Banning Bump Stocks Lead To MORE ‘Gun Control’ Bans?

    The NRA seems to be sacrificing bump stocks in light of the recent tragedy in Las Vegas. These devices convert semi-automatic weapons into automatic weapons. Machine guns and other fully automatic weapons are generally not available for sale, although weapons made before the 1986 are grandfathered in. The illegal conversion of semi-automatic weapons to fully automatic […] More

  • POLL: Should Devices To Covert Semi-Automatic Weapons To Automatic Be Illegal?

    Even the National Rifle Association is calling for beefed-up regulations on bump stocks. “The NRA believes that devices designed to allow semi-automatic rifles to function like fully-automatic rifles should be subject to additional regulations,” the gun group said in a statement Thursday, its first since a shooter used the controversial gun accessory to mow down […] More