Donald Jr. Just DESTROYED ‘Saturday Night Live’ With One HILARIOUS Tweet!

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The Hollywood elites have been in full panic mode ever since their sexual predator boss Harvey Weinstein was outed for decades of abuse. Instead of standing tall to a serial sexual assaulter, they all ran and hid just like the cowards they are.

Even SNL, who claims to be the top show for SJWs worldwide, stayed silent and their boss, Lorne Michaels, even admitted to covering for him. Lots of people got mad, but Donald Trump Jr got even.

He figured, “Well if Saturday Night Live isn’t gonna be funny anymore, I might as well be.” He ran to his computer and launched one of the funniest tweets I have ever seen.

HAHAHA! He hit the nail on the head there. The sad part is, what Weinstein did was no joke. He used his position and connections to force girls into sexual relationships they didn’t want. As a nation, we should be appalled by this.

Enough of the heavy stuff for now though. Don Jr just left a message to brighten up your days and I’m doing my part to get it out. If you agree that it’s high time for Hollywood to stand up to their own monsters, send this around and let them know it.

(via: Liberty Writers)

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