Loathsome Atheist Sends VILE Tweet After Vegas Shooting

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Richard Dawkins has been described as the face of “crusading atheism” as if that is something to aspire to.

In a recent article published in the Guardian , Dawkins demonstrates disdain for God and those foolish enough (in his opinion) to believe in Him. The Guardian article states that “Religious faith, for Dawkins, is above all a sign of faulty thinking, of ignorance; he wants to educate the ill-informed out of their mistakes. He sees religion, as he once put it on Twitter, as “an organized license to be acceptably stupid”.

As oblivious as that statement and the rest of the aged biologist’s anti-God rhetoric may be, his public statements are almost brilliant in comparison to the things he has said on twitter. Dawson’s. tweets fall to a hither to unknown level of ignorance and disgust that is so low that it limbos under the bar set by left wing luminaries such as Hillary Clinton.

Tweeting following the mass shooting in Las Vegas, Dawkins had this to say:

Dawson describes his politics as “vaguely left”, interestingly enough it seems his tweets define him as “vaguely human”

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