[VIDEO] Melania Trump Just Gave Hurricane Heroes Some SERIOUSLY High Praise

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Last night Melania Trump stole the show during the White House Historical Association dinner. It was a normally event, that is until Melania took the stage and dropped a truth bomb on the crowd.

The First Lady began to talk about her experience working alongside Hurrican victims and first responders to clean up the mess from the 2 major storms that just hit.

And that’s when she said it, the two words to perfectly describe the first responders…Guardian Angels.

Melanina left the room in complete awe when she told them,

“We saw first responders, some of whom went from Harvey’s aftermath directly to the path of Irma helping those in need and serving as guardian angels to those left with only prayers and hope.”

She also talked about seeing all the acts of bravery, chivalry, and kindness from people who had just lost so much reminded her what true “American character” is.

Melania is a great First Lady and works very hard to do everything she can to represent our great nation well. Now it falls on us to help share her words, that the Hurricane Heroes out there really are Guardian Angels, and show them how much America appreciates their hard work and Sacrifice. Can I get an Amen?

(via: Liberty Writers)

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