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Celebrity Chef Anthony Bourdain Just Commented How He Would KILL President Trump – This Goes TOO FAR

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When it rains everyone screams “Global Warming” but when an American Celebrity chef threatens to MURDER the President of the United States, nobody makes a sound.

Today Anthony Bourdain told a TMZ reporter that he would POISON Trump if he got the chance to cook for him.

When the reporter asked what he would cook for President Trump if, given the opportunity, he said “hemlock.” Hemlock is a well-known poison people have used to kill rulers ever since the time of Socrates in Ancient Greece.

To add more twisted irony to the situation, Bourdain actually had prepared and eaten a special meal with Obama when he was still in office.

This right here is a perfect example of the double standards the leftist media loves to set for us. If you question ANYTHING about Obama they name you a racist by default. However, if you threaten to kill Trump, they think you are just a funny joker.

The reality is he will get away with his comments and maybe even get a raise over at CNN since they all hate the President so much. That is, unless we shut him down by sharing this everywhere and boycotting everything he touches until he learns CONSEQUENCES for his action.

Bourdain has insulted Trump before. Hell, there is nothing wrong with insulting a President, it’s the right of Americans. But talking about killing one? That’s too far.

(via: Liberty Writers)

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