This White House Press Secretary Just STEPPED DOWN – Here’s The Details

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Vice President Mike Pence’s press secretary is now leaving the Trump administration. This just broke via AP. They are leaving to be an outside surrogate for the White House.

Marc Lotter served as the top aide to Pence since the Vice President was Governor of Indiana. He worked as a spokesperson for Pence during the campaign. Lotter is going to work as a voice outside the administration. He says that he has been very honored to serve both the President and the Vice President.

He is going to help push the Trump agenda from outside the administration.

Lotter has often made the case for the Vice President’s policies.

Thank you for all your hard work Mr. Lotter. Let’s give him a good sendoff patriots. Tell him Goodbye below and thank you for standing up to the lamestream media.

(via: Liberty Writers)

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