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[VIDEO] This Seriously AWKWARD Coverage of Hurricane Irma By CNN Will Leave You In Disbelief

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CNN had an awkward moment of silence on Monday when they cut back from commercial to their on-the-ground coverage of Hurricane Irma.

John Berman and Chris Cuomo are reporting from Florida, while anchor Poppy Harlow is in the CNN studio, and they clearly weren’t sure which of the three of them was supposed to open when CNN got back from commercial.

CNN flashed their “breaking news” banner, but then the group sat in silence for ten seconds before John Berman finally realized someone should be doing the talking.

“Alright, I’m John Berman in Miami, Poppy Harlow in New York, and Chris Cuomo in Naples, Florida, this is CNN’s special live coverage of Hurricane Irma, now Tropical Storm Irma,” Berman finally said after the agonizing silence.

It’s unclear if this was a communication error or if Berman and Cuomo’s earpieces were delayed, but we would challenge anyone not to feel a little uncomfortable during this moment.

(via: Daily Caller)

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