Disgusting Liberals are ROOTING For Trump Supporters in Texas to DIE

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Liberals across the country have been lambasting the people of Texas for requesting federal disaster relief  (despite the fact that they (the people of Texas) pay federal taxes). This has been demonstrated by one liberal woman who famously (or infamously) tweeted to America and the world that she was “clueless”

Since tweeting the above Midler has continued to prove to the world exactly how clueless she is by tweeting that the people of Texas should not receive federal aid because of their distrust of the federal government

Midler was saying (in so many words) that Texas didn’t deserve federal aid but she wasn’t the only left winger who apparently felt that Texas was getting it’s comeuppance, the website The Daily Beast actually published a story with that hot-take in the headline

The story was intended to shame Texans, the GOP, the Trump administration and of course anyone who disagreed with the opinions expressed by the article, but the Daily Beast attempted to add a thick veneer of disclaimers to show that they didn’t really wish all Texans ill, just certain ones.

The author of the article Michael Tomasky makes that clear “”We should certainly feel sorry for the people affected. In fact if you want to get really political about it, the flooding mainly afflicts one of the few counties in Texas that voted against Donald Trump…”

For additional clarification he adds ” If a Klan rally found itself surrounded by a raging forest fire, agents of the hated government, some of them undoubtedly Jewish and/or black, would help coordinate the rescue mission.”

Apparently the Daily Beast didn’t want people who voted against Trump to suffer, just those who dare support him. By far the most popular excuse used by Liberals to justify their hatred toward Texans has been the oft repeated story that Texas Legislators voted against federal funds to assist the areas affected by Hurricane Sandy. This selective outrage is voiced (for the most part) against Ted Cruz who argued that the relief bill for Hurricane Sandy was bursting with pork and boddle (a term used in politic circles to describe bribes and payoffs). It is quite possible that Cruz and other Texas legislators were concerned about pork being included in the relief package because it most certainly was.

Oddly enough, many of these self righteous liberals who are so eager to deny Texas disaster relief because Texans don’t like the federal government become equally vexed when the Trump administration attempts to deny funds to sanctuary cities who are actually breaking the law and for all intents and purposes like the federal government even less.

It looks like Bette Midler is far from the only clueless liberal running around loose, perhaps the following tweets sum up liberal logic perfectly


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