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[VIDEO] This Leak Has Exposed a MASSIVE Clinton Lie – It Must Be SEEN To Be BELIEVED!

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Hillary’s new book “What Happened” bemoaning her loss to Donald Trump in the presidential election contains a LOT of fiction and half-truths.

But none so disingenuous as that passage where Hillary tries to paint Trump as a creepy stalker and intimidator of women.

Naturally, the media ate it up. After all, they had decided months ago that Trump’s a misogynist based on the same amount of evidence they have that he’s a bigot–NONE!

And now, video clips have revealed just how badly Hillary lied in her effort to smear Trump.

She claims that at their second one-on-one debate, Trump loomed directly behind her, invading her personal space. Hillary even said that Trump was “literally breathing down my neck.”

The picture her words paint certainly is disturbing, and most probably cheered when they read that all Hillary wanted to do was turn around and yell “Back up, Creep!”

Oh, but here’s the video of that particular incident. And, as you can clearly see, Trump was no where near to invading her personal space:

Of course, the hacks on the Morning Joe show ignored the obvious. But the reality is that if Trump was standing behind me like that in a line, I’d wonder why he was so far back.

Trump can’t even stand quietly and wait his turn without liberals turning it into something nefarious!

(via: Conservative Post)

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