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CNN Is Seriously DERANGED – Their Latest Fake News Will Blow Your Mind

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No one ever believed CNN was truly objective. But the network’s obsession with and bias toward President Trump really is something unprecedented for a major media outlet.

CNN has literally become the deranged peddler of fake news and conspiracy theories that it has long accused others of being.

And that insanity was on full display over the weekend, as one CNN host boasted that God Almighty had come to the media’s aid in its campaign against Trump.

You see, on Friday, two big news stories related to Trump broke: the resignation of Sebastian Gorka and the pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

And the major news networks were worried that they were going to have to dedicate most of their air time to Hurricane Harvey.

And then, suddenly, Harvey was downgraded to a Cat 2 hurricane, allowing CNN and the rest to ignore those still in the path of a major storm in order to focus on their favorite whipping boy.

CNN host Michael Smerconish was ecstatic:







When I first read that, I was sure Smerconish must have been joking. Surely he wasn’t seriously suggesting that the Almighty had downgraded the storm to help CNN bash Trump?!

And then Smerconish went on air, and it was evident just how deranged CNN has become.

There he was, again trotting out God as defender of all things anti-Trump:

“There was big news from the White House. A hat trick of headlines… All of that coming after 6 p.m. while the Texas coast braced for the landing of a, then, Category 4 hurricane. If it was a deliberate attempt to bury the news in a storm, well, God had other plans as I tweeted before sunrise.

(via: Conservative Post)

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