Obama Poured BILLIONS of Taxpayer Dollars Into Neo-Nazi Group, But Liberals Were Okay With It

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Predictably, the liberal mainstream media has exploited what happened in Charlottesville to paint President Trump as a racist and a fascist.

It doesn’t matter that Trump has vigorously condemned the white supremacists who perpetrated the deadly violence, or that his personal history demonstrates conclusively that Trump is no bigot.

But what’s really shown a spotlight on the media’s hypocritical and transparent effort to unseat Trump is how they responded to Barack Obama actually getting in bed with neo-Nazis.

This happened midway through Obama’s eight years in the White House, when Ukraine was drawing close to Russia, and thereby upsetting US strategic interests in the region.

To counter that movement, the Obama Administration aligned itself with Ukraine’s Svoboda Party and helped overthrow the country’s democratically-elected government.

For those unfamiliar, Svoboda is known as a fascist, neo-Nazi and openly anti-Semitic movement.

But Obama and his cohorts did much more than just provide Ukraine’s neo-Nazis with great photo-ops. They poured enormous sums of money into the group to help it overthrow a foreign government that Obama didn’t like.

They helped fascists take over a democratic government. Think about that for a second.

The following recording is of former Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland talking to US Ambassador to Ukraine Geoff Pyatt.

In it, Nuland acknowledges that the Obama Administration had given $5 BILLION of US taxpayers’ dollars to the neo-Nazis to aid in their revolution.

Is it any wonder that the mainstream media never provided the kind of coverage to this scandal that Charlottesville is now receiving?

(via: Conservative Post)


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