Liberals Must Have HORRIBLE Memories – They Were Okay With Bill Clinton Defending KKK Leader

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In order to falsely accuse President Trump of racism and bigotry, the mainstream media is forced to ignore some actual racism and bigotry on the part of their favorite Democratic figures.

Well, perhaps not outright racism, but definitely racism by association, which is precisely what the media’s trying to pin on Trump.

So, why is it that CNN and the like will try to find the tiniest shred of evidence, real or perceived, linking Trump to white supremacists, but simply turns a blind eye to Bill Clinton publicly defending a known KKK member?

Because that’s exactly what Clinton did several years ago when he stood by the late Sen. Robert Byrd (D-WV) over the latter’s membership in the Ku Klux Klan.

The Hill reported at the time:

Former President Bill Clinton explained the late Sen. Robert Byrd’s (D-W.V.) membership in the Ku Klux Klan Friday by claiming Byrd was simply trying to get elected.

Speaking at Byrd’s funeral in Charleston today, Clinton seemed to criticize newspaper eulogies that dwelled on Byrd’s association with the Klan.

“They mention that he once had a fleeting association with the Ku Klux Klan, and what does that mean? I’ll tell you what it means,” Clinton said. “He was a country boy from the hills and hollows of West Virginia. He was trying to get elected. And maybe he did something he shouldn’t have done, and he spent the rest of his life making it up. And that’s what a good person does. There are no perfect people. There certainly are no perfect politicians.”

Oh, Bill. It was more than a “fleeting association” that your late friend had with the KKK.

Byrd joined the KKK in 1942, and was soon after elected leader of his local chapter.

Four years later, in 1946, Byrd was campaigning against integrating blacks into all-white military units when he wrote that the KKK was “needed today as never before.”

Now, it may be true that later in his life Byrd disavowed those beliefs he held so dear during his more youthful years.

But what’s also true is that the media is holding Trump accountable for everything he’s ever said or done. Remember the needless scandal over Trump’s old locker room banter?

The same standard should be applied to Democrats like Byrd. And the Clintons are clearly guilty by association.

(via: Conservative Post)

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