Jeb Bush Declares WAR On Trump

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Former Florida governor Jeb Bush broke his silence about President Donald Trump’s possible involvement with the Russians, and it was a reminder why he failed so miserably during his bid for the GOP presidential nomination.

Bush was speaking at OZY Fest in New York on Saturday when he not only attacked the president, but fellow Republicans.

“If your opponent does things that you, your head explodes on, if Barack Obama did something as it’s related to Russia, you say ‘this is outrageous,’ all this stuff, then when your guy does the same thing, have the same passion to be critical,” Bush said, according to The Hill.

The former governor also criticized Trump’s governing skills.

“He unleashed five tweets today about stuff that jeopardizes his legal situation, insults somebody, goes back to the 2016 election, none of which is relevant to getting tax relief done, regulatory reform done,” Bush said. “This is going to be a long ride between 2018 in January, much less 2020.”

Bush went on to claim that Trump was not a real Republican.

“He’s not really affiliated with the party, just to be clear,” Bush said, according to OXY’s coverage of Bush’s speech at the event. “He’s Trump,”

It appears that Bush is still bitter about the beating he took during the primaries, and is holding a grudge against the president.

But to side with the Democrats about the Russia mess, when still there is no evidence of collusion, demonstrates just how spiteful Bush is about the whole thing.

If this is the best Bush has to offer, he should do everyone a favor and stay out of the public spotlight for good.

(via: Conservative Tribune)

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