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  • ‘Low Energy’ Jeb Begging For 2020 Republican Primary Challenge To President Trump


    Former failed presidential candidate Jeb Bush believes that someone should challenge President Donald Trump in 2020. “I think someone should run just because Republicans ought to be given a choice…” Bush said in an interview with CNN contributor David Axelrod. Bush acknowledged that it would be difficult for a Republican to challenge Trump, but believed […] More

  • Jeb Bush Breaks His Silence On Trump During H.W.’s Death: ‘Donald…Melania Have Been Very Gracious…Couldn’t Be Nicer’


    The spirit of the president who envisioned a “kinder, gentler” world was invoked by his son Tuesday as former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush assessed the state of American politics. Bush noted that in the aftermath of the death of former President George H.W. Bush, President Donald Trump reached out to the Bush family, he told […] More

  • Jeb Bush Declares WAR On Trump

    Former Florida governor Jeb Bush broke his silence about President Donald Trump’s possible involvement with the Russians, and it was a reminder why he failed so miserably during his bid for the GOP presidential nomination. Bush was speaking at OZY Fest in New York on Saturday when he not only attacked the president, but fellow […] More

  • Jeb Bush: ‘Washington Is Broken, Let’s Send Power Back To The People’

    Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush appears to be trying to make amends with former rival President-elect Donald Trump. Bush praised Trump’s proposal to implement congressional term limits in an op-ed published in The Wall Street Journal Thursday evening. He wrote that it’s time to deregulate and put a constitutional amendment in place to ensure lawmakers aren’t in Washington, D.C. […] More

  • Jeb Bush Conspiracy Against Trump

    Donald Trump on Saturday accused former GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush of mounting a convention coup against him, after reports emerged that Republican delegates who don’t personally support Trump are looking for ways to avoid voting for him this summer. “By the way, Jeb is working on the movement, just so you understand,” Trump, the presumptive […] More