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Reports Are In About What’s REALLY Going on In North Korea – And It’s WAY Worse Than Anyone Thought

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Just days after President Trump secured his release from North Korea, American student Otto Warmbier died of injuries experts say he sustained during his year-long detention.

North Korean defectors said they were not surprised by the outcome, having themselves lived through the horrors of Pyongyang’s concentration camps.

There are currently more than 120,000 North Korean languishing away in these camps.

Some manage to escape. Many live out a short, torturous existence before dying there.

Jun Heo was one of the lucky ones.

Heo told Fox News that political prisoners like him and Warmbier were routinely beaten to within a inch of their lives.

Heo was arrested and imprisoned for the crime of traveling to neighboring China.

His time in the concentration camp only steeled his resolve to escape.

According to Heo, in addition to the regular beatings, inmates were stuffed like sardines into tiny cells and forced to do 13 hours a day of hard labor.

For women, it was much worse.

The “secret police” would come nightly to rape their choice of female prisoners.

“We could hear them screaming,” Heo said. “What you can only imagine as the cruelest of things is normal in there.”

This is the heinous enemy that President Trump is currently staring down.

We need to get behind him. And that includes liberals, if they really care about human rights as much as they claim.

(via: Conservative Post)

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