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Barack Obama’s Ex-Girlfriend Just Dropped a BOMBSHELL About Him – Michelle is FURIOUS!

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Barack Obama has worked hard to cultivate an image of being someone who is a warrior against racism.

That’s why it came as bad news to him recently when a new book revealed that an ex-girlfriend of his once condemned him for not doing more to condemn racism among black people.

The Daily Callerreported that for his new book “Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama,” David Garrow spoke with Obama’s ex-girlfriend Sheila Miyoshi Jager, who is now a professor at Oberlin College.

Garrow claimed that Obama dumped Jager because he felt that having a white spouse would hurt his career, but a Politico article published this week paints their relationship in a different light.

New reports indicate that Jager was actually frustrated with Obama for not doing more to speak out against racism within the black community.

“Where Dreams portrayed the lovers’ rift as at bottom a function of racial difference, Jager, while acknowledging the racial component of their strains, insisted she was mainly upset that day that Obama, in her recollection, was less than unequivocal in condemning ‘black racism’; it was at a moment when the overt anti-Semitism of Steve Cokely, a black mayoral aide in Chicago, had become a cause célèbre in local politics,” the article stated.

“To Jager, what doomed their future together was Obama’s incorrigible ‘realism,’ his perpetual readiness to accept and work within given realities — a trait she saw developing in the course of their relationship — while she wanted him to display moral courage,” it continued.

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