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Muslim Man Commits DISGUSTING Crime – Murders His Baby Daughter Because He Was ‘Expecting a Boy’

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The values of some cultures simply are not compatible with one another.

For instance, a newborn baby girl was strangled to death by her own father because he had been expecting a boy.

In parts of Muslim Pakistan, such a reaction is not entirely uncommon, nor is it necessarily frowned upon.

To be sure, this man, Sher Alam, was arrested for his crime.

But more often than not, in countries like Pakistan where Sharia Law holds sway, the punishment is minimal, at best.

And it’s one of the big reasons that proper vetting is needed when a country like America opens its borders to massive immigration.

Permitting entry to people who’s entire value system is incompatible with ours, and who are unwilling to alter their practices and integrate, will only end badly for both us and them.

Immigration is great, but, like anything, it needs to be handled properly.

(via: Conservative Post)

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