Man Nearly DECAPITATED After Crashing His Motorcycle While Wearing Music Headphones – AMAZING He Survived! [Graphic Image Warning]

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Folks, this is a big WARNING!

16-year-old from Australia was on his motorbike when something crazy happened. The use of a cell phone and headphones that block out noise, the combination can be lethal.

As Willoughby was cruising around the farm, he had thought he was well-equipped and safe with his helmet and proper gear, but all it took was one tiny accessory, and his life was in danger. When landing a jump awkwardly, the bike’s throttle got stuck and he flew into a barbed wire fence that outlined the farm. While the impact of the landing broke and dislocated his ankle and slit open his stomach, the worst part of the damage was above his shoulders.

Unfortunately, Willoughby had earbuds in his ears and they were secured beneath his helmet. So, while he was doing the right thing by wearing a helmet, the addition of the earbuds created a major problem…they didn’t pop out. When he hit the barbed wire fence, the rubber coating of the chord was pulled off, revealing the very strong copper wires.

Since the buds were still in place and the chord was dangling in front of his neck, the impact of the force nearly caused the chord to decapitate him.

As the family was waiting for the medevac to arrive, his father had to remove the wires out from his throat. He was one lucky boy, as the chords narrowly missed his trachea. While Bradley has a long road of recovery ahead of him, he is lucky to have survived such a chance accident. He had operations on his leg and neck and is on his road to recovering fully.


Willoughby’s mother said that the boy had been a competent and cautious driver and she wasn’t aware that the headphones could pose such a danger.

“Do not wear wired earphones under a motorbike helmet, it’s potentially life-threatening,” she cautioned.

(via: Conservative Post)

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