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  • Man Nearly DECAPITATED After Crashing His Motorcycle While Wearing Music Headphones – AMAZING He Survived! [Graphic Image Warning]

    Folks, this is a big WARNING! 16-year-old from Australia was on his motorbike when something crazy happened. The use of a cell phone and headphones that block out noise, the combination can be lethal. As Willoughby was cruising around the farm, he had thought he was well-equipped and safe with his helmet and proper gear, […] More

  • Trump Supporters Are SICKENED By What This Public University Has Hanging In Their Gallery

    The University of Alaska Anchorage is currently showing an “art piece” from an assistance professor that shows Captain America holding President Trump’s decapitated head. This is supposedly a university that some federal dollars go to. This “art piece” will be on display for a month, according to the Libertarian Republic. The work was created by Assistant Professor […] More