Trump Supporters Are SICKENED By What This Public University Has Hanging In Their Gallery

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The University of Alaska Anchorage is currently showing an “art piece” from an assistance professor that shows Captain America holding President Trump’s decapitated head. This is supposedly a university that some federal dollars go to.

This “art piece” will be on display for a month, according to the Libertarian Republic.

The work was created by Assistant Professor of Painting Thomas Chung and is part of a faculty art exhibition a the University’s fine art gallery, according to KTUU.

It’s an image of the actor who plays Captain America, and two eagles are sort of screaming into his ears, and he’s holding the severed head of Trump, and there’s a young Hillary Clinton clinging to his leg,” Chung said about the painting “I was reminded of those 80’s rock posters, where there’s a woman in tattered clothes clinging to a strong male hero’s leg.”

We really need more paintings like this:


Why are these people educating our students? Why are people that advocate this crap teaching our students? They are obviously dull, violent people.

If that was Obama’s head in that picture, could you imagine the outrage?

(via: Liberty Writers)

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