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[VIDEO] World’s TOP Psychiatrist Says That Trump Is The MOST BRILLIANT President In History!

While liberals and the mainstream media try to paint President Trump as mentally unbalanced, one of the world’s foremost psychiatrists has a much different diagnosis.

Try to remember, Trump was successful, wealthy and powerful LONG before becoming president.

You don’t achieve that status by not being smart.

And according to Dr. Keith Ablow, Trump is more than just “smart”:


Dr. Ablow says we can expect a man of Trump’s genius to accomplish things no other president ever has, or ever could.

Hang on tight – this is going to be a presidency to remember!

(via: Conservative Post)

36 comments on “[VIDEO] World’s TOP Psychiatrist Says That Trump Is The MOST BRILLIANT President In History!
  1. Yes i really think you are right..I think he is doing a great job.if the idiots would stop their crap, thing would. be great before we know it…God Bless Trump

  2. armyisnumber1 on said:

    Dr. Ablow is right on target. The President did not get where he is by being a dumbbell. He can multi task like no other. The reason the violent and cruel liberals dislike him is because he is doing everything correct and he is draining that swamp. Look at the jobs he has eliminated that nobody ever met the person(s) receiving the paychecks. There were duplicate and triplicate people in positions and only one of those people ever showed up for work. Now if we can get rid of the Jihadists and the liberals, America would be great again.

  3. President Donald J Trump is the very best POTUS. The Democraps are the losers in America. The Democraps are saying that POTUS should be impeached for discussing plans to destroy ISIS with Russia. There is nothing been discussed that deserves impeachment. God bless President Donald Trump and his family.

  4. Sandy Miller on said:

    The POTUS playing a beautiful game of “Cat & Mouse” with the media and the media pooping in their diapers to see who can be the first to squawk the “GOTCHA” news that they think will be the story of the century to bring down the POTUS, shows just how brilliant a mind the President has. Megyn Kelly tried that BS and went from the Republican Sunshine Girl to a nothing patsy on a laughable media site. Instead of the media catching President Trump and reeling him in, it’s Trump feeding them to the sharks, one stinky fish at a time.

  5. VirgoVince on said:

    Ugly Jealous liberal FUKTURDS are the ONLY ones that don’t know that AND are making
    Idiots are DESPERATE to drag him down to their level, but he AIN’T BUYIN’ IT!!
    ‘FULL steam ahead,’ Mr President, damn the ugly jealous liberal fukturds to HELL!

  6. Cora Fernandez on said:

    Well said and I agree President Trump is a genius that’s why Radical Democrats are worried and scared.

  7. Bruce Walters on said:

    Our President is tending to his duties and a business man, not a politician Most politicians are not business men. Politicians can be bought, business men cannot. That is why the democrats fear our President.

  8. career politicians are afraid both democrats and republicans I suggest they start doing the job they were elected to do

  9. mallen11 on said:

    Thank God for President Trump. He needs our prayers for his safety and for God’s grace and wisdom be given with great abundance.

  10. Career politicians are very desperate to bring down President Donald Trump. He has the foresight and guts to make changes, to put things right, whereas others care only for their own popularity and personal gains. He is the right man for the right job as President at a time like this.! He certainly has wisdom to do what he has to do. Thank God for putting him in the White House.

    • yogiman on said:

      The right ‘man’ for that office at the right time. Can you imagine what it would be like today if just another politician had won that office? They would all just “be in line”.

  11. The evil ones are going to have to do better than crazy; so far they don’t have poo poo. I love President Trump and his eccentrics; genius is different and brings with it a different mindset than the regular joe, nice to have a real one in the WH and not a con artist.

  12. yogiman on said:

    I agree. Dr. Ablow is so right and time will tell. The biggest reason neither party in congress likes Pres. Trump is they don’t have him under control and he can’t be bought out.

  13. Wanda Dixon on said:

    President Trump is a genius. I can’t hardly wait to see how he drains the swamp and finally get us back on track. He’s done more for us and the country in less than 4 months than all the others did in their entire terms. I am so proud to call him MY PRESIDENT.

  14. Gerry Bourque on said:

    already knew this its the idiot a hole justine trudo n his deadbeat fat wife that needs the testing

  15. Jean Langford M. on said:

    Totally agree…Great stuff ahead…Soon Mid-Term 2018 elections and we can help remove more obstructing brush from the congressional and Senate landscape….This will help “President Trump” get things done easier and remove GOP party obstructions along with Dumbocrap idiocies…10 States that were won by “Trump” with electoral and popular votes have “CURRENT” seats held by Dumbocrap Senators….this could change the balance of power if won by GOP candidates. Insuring ( if no seats are lost) a GOP majority in the Senate that would not even need to use the “Nuke option” to pass the “Trump” agenda…Let the good times roll baby…

  16. Mohammed the Jihadist on said:

    All the other birds fly forward….only the hummingbird can and flies and flies backward.

    Trump is the flying bird….He does not fly with the crowd

  17. i think Trump studies Sun Tsu. when you are stupid, play brilliant (like maxine waters). When you are brilliant, play stupid. I have seen him speak on video like a half-wit, but i knew it was a ruse.

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