[VIDEO] ’60 Minutes’ Tries To Prove Trump Wrong, Show Refugees Are Peaceful – Then It All Blows Up In Their Face!

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It seem absolutely insane that someone would prefer to have thousands to millions of refugees come into the country without any sort of viable vetting system, especially since all of the refugees are from countries that constantly turn out Muslim extremists that despise the west, and want nothing but destruction.

A 60 Minutes crew flew out to Sweden to get to the bottom of the howling impact Muslim refugees from places like Syria and Somalia have had on the area. They were able to interview a young man who was struggling to fit into his adopted country. He was trying his best to assimilate.

Unfortunately, there were many others showcased that had very different outlooks, and choose instead to attack the 60 Minutes crew.


It wasn’t long and didn’t take much effort at all to be victims of the violent refugees. These Somalian refugees attacked the crew, throwing random items at them, and also attempted to run over the cameraman. These refugees have no desire whatsoever to assimilate. They are in that country to stick to their own, refuse to branch out, and really, to suck dry the resources and benefits of their host country while acting and attacking folks as if they were still in their homeland.

That violent savagery shouldn’t be accepted in the west… Unless, of course, the outcry from liberals moves countries to accept, ignore, and cover up any acts that deserve deportation, as we have seen in countries like Sweden and Germany.

The left wants to continue former President Barack Obama’s irresponsible and dangerous plan to allow tens of thousands more Muslim refugees to enter the country, WITHOUT proper vetting. It doesn’t matter that the intelligence agency said that they couldn’t possibly vet the large number of refugees coming in. Nope. The left wants to continue its reign of stupidity, and continue to put innocent Americans in danger.

(via: Freedom Daily)

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