Ted Cruz DESTROYS The Lives of AMERICA HATING Muslims After Taking Away One Huge Thing

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Under Obama, American-hating Muslims hiding out in our country could pretty much do whatever the hell they wanted and still get the full backing and support of the president. But now that there’s a new sheriff in town, their lives are daily being wrecked, as President Trump’s vow to “make America safe again” keeps coming back to ruin their little plots for committing terrorism on our soil.

Still royally pissed about their Muslim Brotherhood organization soon to be classified as a terrorist organization, they’ve barely had a chance to get their burkas out of a wad before another round of aggressive policies by Trump’s team of badasses has struck again, hitting them right where it hurts the most.

We frequently hear these horror stories of Muslims here in America becoming radicalized, and then deciding to go full-potato and join ISIS in order to get the 72 virgins promised to them by Allah. However with a bill now being proposed by Senator Ted Cruz, any Muslim deciding to go forward with treason on their country by joining ties with the enemy would pay the ultimate price for their betrayal.

Introducing legislation on Tuesday as what he calls a necessary bill to combat “radical Islamic terror,” Cruz proposed a bill that would strip away the rights of any American citizen caught hooking up with terror groups.

“The Expatriate Terrorist Act will ensure that any American who forfeits their country to intentionally join [the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria] will have their citizenship stripped and won’t be able to use a U.S. passport to come back and murder American citizens,” the Texas Republican said in a statement.

From The Hill:

Under this bill, an individual could have their U.S. citizenship revoked if they pledge allegiance to, work for or serve in the military of a group or government designated as a foreign terrorist organization; commit treason against or try to overthrow the U.S. government, or provide material support to a terrorist group.

Cruz’s bill would also let the secretary of State deny a passport to someone who joined or is trying to join a terrorist organization or is a “threat to the national security interest of the United States.”

An individual would have 60 days to try to appeal the State Department’s decision.

Hell yeah! This will be freaking awesome if it goes through! There is absolutely no reason on God’s green earth why American citizens should be allowed to plot terrorism and commit treason against the very same country that they enjoy the freedom and opportunity that this country offers. If they want to go hook up with ISIS, then they can enjoy their new lives over in the Middle East where it smells like sh*t and it’s 150 freaking degrees!

(via: Freedom Daily)

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