BREAKING: NATO Investigator Who Exposed Obama’s Connections To ISIS Just Found DEAD!

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Barack Obama is almost out of office, but that doesn’t mean we are completely in the clear. Obama is still capable of massive collateral damage. It’s just been discovered that a NATO auditor was found dead under suspicious circumstances — but it wasn’t just any NATO auditor.

Yves Chandelon was the Chief Auditor for NATO, and this weekend, he was found dead in Andenne, Belgium. Authorities currently seem to believe it was a suicide, as Chandelon was shot to death, and the gun was found in his right hand. But family members disagree, and are urging for a homicide investigation to be opened. First, they pointed out that Chandelon was left-handed, and therefore, would not have used his right hand to kill himself. Second, they claim that he had been receiving threatening phone calls in the weeks leading up to his death.

More suspicious information also casts doubt on the idea of Chandelon committing suicide. The gun used was not registered, even though he had three guns registered in his name. And before his death, Chandelon was investigating terror funding, especially ISIS.

Defense Intelligence Agency e-mails from 2012 revealed that the Obama administration was knowingly funding and arming terrorist organizations like Al Qaeda and ISIS. They also showed that the administration knew that an attack on the consulate in Benghazi was being planned, yet did nothing… and then lied about the cause, saying it was all due to a video.

American arms dealer Marc Turi was interviewed by FOX News about his involvement preparing arms to be shipped to Libyan rebels, and how he was cut out by the Obama administration.

Via Daily Mail UK:

An American arms dealer claims he was made a scapegoat for an Obama and Clinton-led 2011 plot to arm Libyan rebels that saw arms flowing to Al Qaeda, ISIS and the Benghazi attackers.

Marc Turi faced trial for illegally selling arms, but charges in the five-year, $10 million case were dropped on October 5.

That’s because, he told Fox News, Democrats were worried about political blowback for Clinton if it emerged that the government had accidentally put weapons in the hands of America’s enemies.

Chandelon was investigating where ISIS got its’ money from to buy arms.

Via The Express UK:

Mr Chandelon was employed by the NATO support and procurement agency (NSPA) in Capellen in south-western Luxembourg, 7 miles west of Luxembourg City.

As Auditor General, Mr Chandelon was responsible for internal accounting at NSPA as well as external investigations into money laundering activities and terrorist financing.

Chandelon also allegedly questioned why NATO’s budget was increasing on such a large scale, with the latest being $26 million.

Chandelon, it seems, was uncovering massive corruption. Did he lose his life for it?

Via Freedom Daily

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