Despicable Al Sharpton Gets Called Out On Live TV For Telling Black People To MURDER COPS

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One of my least favorite people in the world is “Reverend” Al Sharpton. I placed the title in quotes because I can’t believe that a man of God would do so much to lie, cheat, and steal to get his way, not to mention outwardly preach hate and then take a fat, tax-evading paycheck from the political figures he’s trying to cozy up to. He’s a bad dude.

That’s why it was such a breath of fresh air to see him get his comeuppance on live TV on a Bill O’Reilly segment where Sharpton was asked to elaborate on the “offing pigs” comment he made in a Kean College speech in 1992 about the then-escalating racial tension, oddly enough with another Democrat in office.

Here’s the original clip and commentary regarding the “offing pigs” rant:

And here’s the awesome clip that has Jesse Watters, the correspondent, chasing down Sharpton and confronting him on his words. Watch Sharpton squirm and try to change the subject and dodge the question! This is GOLD!

I can’t wait until we have a President that isn’t afraid to call out the hypocrites in our political system. That way we can put these bozos on the unemployment line, where they belong!

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