After Obama Says War Veterans Are ‘Fools’, They Respond And Completely DESTROY Him!

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Of all the underhanded, low-life things Obama has said and done in his long overstayed tenure as president, this might take the cake as the worst.

Essentially what this story boils down to is that Obama said that our veterans are too stupid to know the difference between good and evil, right and wrong. He put the blame firmly on the right wing media and then proceeds to link the messages from us to trying to fool old and unsuspecting veterans to be on our side. This of course is not even considering the fact that they fought for our freedom and have seen first hand what the REAL world is like.

Obama has never even set foot on an active battlefield yet he speaks like he knows what he’s talking about. Take a listen.

And because of this, our veterans are taking a stand to clear their name from our own president’s big mouth. This is AWESOME! From Fox News:

The nation’s largest veterans group hit back at President Obama on Thursday and urged him not to “denigrate” their intelligence after the president suggested their members were easily swayed by cable news and “right-wing radio.”

The Veterans of Foreign Wars called out the president after Obama referenced the political opinions at “VFW halls” in an Indiana speech Wednesday that toggled between campaign politics and the economy.

“I don’t know how many VFW Posts the president has ever visited, but our near 1.7 million members are a direct reflection of America,” VFW National Commander John A. Biedrzycki Jr. said in a statement. “We don’t have confused politics, we don’t need left or rightwing media filters telling us how to think or vote, and we don’t need any President of the United States lecturing us about how we are individually [affected] by the economy.”

Damn straight!

Obama, speaking in Elkhart, Ind., had lamented the “primary story” he claimed Republicans are telling about the economy – one that focuses on how “moochers at the bottom of the income ladder” are squeezing middle-class families.

“We have been hearing this story for decades,” Obama said. “Tales about welfare queens, talking about takers, talking about the ‘47percent.’ It’s the story that is broadcast every day on some cable news stations, on right-wing radio, it’s pumped into cars, and bars, and VFW halls all across America, and right here in Elkhart.”

Obama continued: “And if you’re hearing that story all the time, you start believing it. It’s no wonder people think big government is the problem.”

And here lies the problem. Obama thinks our vets can’t even think for themselves. That they’re all idiots that can’t discern right from left. Well guess what, you’re wrong Obama!

Biedrzycki suggested veterans are not so easily swayed.

“Our nation was created and continues to exist solely because of the men and women who wear the uniform,” he said. “Let’s not denigrate their service, their sacrifice or their intelligence.”

BOOM! And amen to that. Our vets are the best thing America has to offer. Proud and brave men and women that have fought for our right to freedom of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? What person could possibly be better?

Not you Obama. Not you. Check your tone and apologize immediately! If you think Obama should apologize, let’s hear it in the comments!

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