RIGGED ELECTION! A Shocking Amount of Republican Electors Plan to CHANGE THEIR VOTE

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The AP contacted 306 Republican electors and only found one elector that would change their vote.

Infowars reported: Leftists have overseen a massive campaign to try and convince Republican electors to abandon support for Trump. C-rate celebrities have jumped on the bandwagon, asserting that Trump is unfit for office and that electors should “vote their conscience”.

Baseless claims that Russia “hacked the election” in favor of Trump have also been seized upon as a reason for electors to abstain from voting altogether in order to prevent Trump from taking office.

However, it’s an effort that will completely fail. Donald Trump is set to win big yet again on Monday.

Out of 538 Republican electors, the Associated
Press was able to get in contact with more than 330 of them.

“It takes 270 electoral votes to make a president. Despite losing the national popular vote, Trump won enough states to total 306 electoral votes. He would need to see three dozen fall away for him to lose his majority. Only one Republican elector told AP he won’t vote for Trump,” states the report.


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