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  • WATCH: Michigan BLOCKS GOP Electors From Entering Capitol During Vote Then Plays Black National Anthem


    These Republicans had a Constitutional right to be there, but they were blocked from entering the building by the Governor’s State Police. So much for upholding that oath to the Constitution, guys. Biden may have won the endorsement, but with business before the court, and some horrifying audit details coming back from the voting machines. […] More

  • RIGGED ELECTION! A Shocking Amount of Republican Electors Plan to CHANGE THEIR VOTE

    The AP contacted 306 Republican electors and only found one elector that would change their vote. Infowars reported: Leftists have overseen a massive campaign to try and convince Republican electors to abandon support for Trump. C-rate celebrities have jumped on the bandwagon, asserting that Trump is unfit for office and that electors should “vote their […] More